Having the right amount of insurance coverage for your needs can give you great peace of mind. Getting that coverage from a friendly and knowledgeable insurance agent for the best price makes it that much better. IRM Insurance serves all of Tennessee with home, life, auto and business insurance.

Auto Insurance

Driving a car without insurance coverage is like driving at night with no headlights. You are bound to crash. Various states require car owners to have a comprehensive insurance cover as this will protect them when they get involved in an accident. In Tennessee, drivers are required to carry minimum car insurance coverage as well as the following limits: Bodily Injury Liability of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident, as well as Property Damage Liability of $15,000 per accident. Tennessee also requires that every auto insurance policy include both Uninsured Motorist and Underinsured Motorist coverage.


Liability insurance covers the costs incurred to people and their property. Uninsured Motorist insurance is something else to consider: Even with the Tennessee state law requiring motorists to be insured, there will always be a small number of motorists who drive without insurance coverage or with lapsed policies. Uninsured driver coverage protects you in the event that the motorist who hit you was not insured.

If you have an older car, you may not want to pay for comprehensive coverage because it is worth less than a newer car and is thus less expensive to replace. On the other hand, those with new cars or high-value cars may consider covering their cars with a complete and comprehensive policy. We offer our customers in Maryville auto insurance that not only meets the state’s legal requirements, but also the right level of coverage for your own needs.

Collision insurance is also important because it covers the costs incurred when your vehicle gets damaged. The good thing about this type of insurance policy is the fact that it covers your car regardless of whether the collision was your fault or not.


When you get an auto insurance quote from us, we will take the time to discuss with you all the types and levels of coverage that are available so you get all the coverage you need at a premium you can live with.

Homeowner’s Insurance

If you own your house, making sure you have adequate Homeowner’s Insurance should be your priority. This insurance policy protects homeowners against the theft of personal things or damage to their apartments. This is a highly valuable type of insurance coverage that gives homeowners the peace of mind they deserve, especially when factors such as burglary are to be considered. This insurance also protects homeowners from natural disasters such as floods, fires, and earthquakes which may damage or destroy the dwelling. We also offer flood insurance as a separate type of coverage.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is an extremely important component of your family’s financial plan. It protects the family’s future and ensures that the surviving spouse and/or children can afford to stay in their home in the case of the breadwinner’s death. A life insurance policy provides important peace of mind and security to families, keeping them from facing financial disaster as a result of losing a person they depended on.

Business Insurance

Owning and operating a business is risky enough. We offer a variety of commercial coverage types that protect your business in many different scenarios. From General Liability and Employers Professional Liability to more industry-specific policies such as Liquor Liability, Restaurant Insurance, Contractors General Liability, Commercial Trucking and many more, we have your Maryville business covered no matter what your specialty may be.

Pet Insurance

Owning and caring for a pet doesn’t seem to be such an expensive proposition — that is, until your furry friend becomes sick or is injured. Vet bills and medications can quickly overwhelm your budget. We provide pet insurance that gives you peace of mind and helps you be prepared in case your beloved pet faces a health problem or medical emergency.


The above is just a brief rundown of some of the many types of insurance plans we offer for Maryville residents. Call us today for an insurance quote on home, life, auto, business and pet insurance, as well as LegalShield ID Theft insurance. We’re here to help you protect what matters.