Workers Compensation – Basic laws every employee should know

Workers compensation Knoxville

Workers Compensation Knoxville
Basic laws every employee should know
As employees, workers compensation is important to us, and each of us has a number of rights, guaranteed by Constitution or other normative acts. These worker’s rights are designed in a manner in which to assure fair payment and prevent abuses. But unluckily, not all employees are completely aware in terms of employment laws and regulations, which turns them into victims of the system. For instance, many are unaware that they are entitled to workers compensation insurance, and this turns them into victims of medical bills and lack of salaries. Especially immigrants that decide to stay and work on US territory are more likely to become victims, as they are unaware of the rights they have. Below are some laws with which all workers should be familiar.

1. They have the right to receive a workers compensation insurance
Employee’s health at the workplace is protected by Occupational Safety and Health Act in the ‘70s, when lawmakers introduced an act to protect workers from work-related accidents. This is how safety standards at the work place appeared, and how the number of work-related accidents dropped dramatically on the US territory. However, in certain cases, accidents may appear, and some employers offer workers compensation insurance policies, with the sole condition not to sue the employer. This policy covers all medical bills that emerge from the accident, and makes it possible for the employer to pay the employee’s off days. This is what we find in many places under the name of a workers compensation bargain”.
2. The Family and Medical Leave Act
Signed in 1993 by the president Bill Clinton, the Family and Medical Leave Act allows every employee to receive up to 12 unpaid weeks to take care of their health and for fresh parents, to bond with their children. Also, they will benefit from employee health benefits during this time. Also, the Act allows employees to take protected leave if the situation of an ill spouse, ill child, child adoption or birth occurs.
3. The Civil Rights Act
It appeared in 1964, and it was an introduction to the continuously increasing number of employees. This Act also puts the base of civil rights, making it illegal to discriminate based on someone’s skin color. Moreover, the Act protects against discrimination between men and women, and promotes equal pay for equal jobs. This is however, frequently misjudged in our days, many suing for discrimination at the workplace by various activists. Needless to say, these individuals are not judging the wages depending on these coordinates and invoke the so-called “wage gap”. Moreover, this Act protects the pregnant women, and disabled against discrimination in the labor field.
These are three of the most important laws that protect employees and employers from abuses and that regulate the labor field in the United States. These should be starting points for both employers and employees, because, for instance, offering a workers compensation insurance policy will protect the employer against former employees suing, let’s say. However, you must make sure that you select carefully the policy provider.
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Bond Insurance – IRM Insurance Knoxville

All about Bond Insurance
BY IRM Insurance Knoxville Tennessee
What is Surety / Bond Insurance? Why do I need Surety/ bond insurance? Is their cheap Bond /Surety Insurance? What does Bond Insurance (surety) Cover? What companies write Bond Insurance? Where do I get bond insurance in Tennessee? Who sales Bond Insurance in Tennessee? When can I get bond insurance Issued? IS bond Insurance and surety insurance the same thing? What if my surety/bond insurance cancels?  How do I get bonded?

Bond Insurance or Surety Insurance is a”financial guaranty insurance. Bond Insurance or surety insurance is where an insurance company will guarantee a payment of various interest and principal on bond or another security.  The guarantee in security is in an event if a payment is defaulted by the issuer of the bond.
There are many different types of bond insurance (surety insurance) provided by IRM Knoxville.  Many different business services would use a bond such as

Contractors (plumbing, electrical, residential, driveway, drywall, hvac, air conditioners, painters, lawn service, tile installation
Janitorial services
Pest control services
Maid service
Pool cleaning
Security guard
Carpet cleaning
Window gutter cleaning
Moving companies

Along with many other classes of business- a business would use a variety of bond insurance in Tennessee.  A few of the types of bonds that IRM Knoxville Tennessee offers are

Court and judicial bond- this is a bond that guarantees awards or compliance with court rulings. This includes appeals, attachment, cost, receiver, and injunction and replevin bonds.
License and permit bonds- this is a bond that guarantees business compliance with laws and regulations such as an auctioneer, contractor’s license, highway permit, insurance broker, motor vehicle dealer, mortgage broker, liquor bond and detective bond. Any businesses licensed by Tennessee or a county in Tennessee and city government to operate may need a license and permit bond.
Probate bond and fiduciary bond- this type of bond guarantees faithful performance so the interest of those concerned will be safeguarded. An administrator, conservator, executor, guardian and trustee bond are available.
Fidelity bond-ERISA bond this is a bond that any business may need. It protects the employer against a dishonest act by an employee paying for loss of money or other property, real or personal.
Notary E & O- this bond provides protection for a notary for any negligent act or error/omission arising out of performance for service for others. Any business that employs notaries would need notary e & O
Public official bond- this is a type of bond that guarantees official will faithfully perform all duties and outlined honesty. Such as clerks, notary publics, treasurers, tax collectors, deputies and sheriffs would need public official bond insurance. IRM Insurance provides these bonds
Contract bonds- this bond is also called bid bond, performance bond payment bond. These bonds guarantee to the owner/oblige that the bonded principal will perform according to the terms of a contract.  There are many types of contract bonds.  Janitorial service supply contracts, and bonds covering maintenance after the completion of the job.
Supply & service contractors bonds-supply contractors provide supplies or materials such as chemicals, lumber, salt for roads. This bond guarantee the service is going to be performed

At IRM Insurance Knoxville we understand that each business has specific bonding needs unique to the class of work they perform, their location and the market conditions.  We have the companies that can write these bonds and have the expertise and capacity to write any type of bond in Tennessee.  Through our district and dedicated team at IRM Insurance, we can find the best bond to help your business succeed. Get your free quote now! 
Form the first bond to a a large capacity bond, we are ready to adapt and grow as your business grows.  Our streamlined processes, responsive service and consistent team are designed to provide stable bond/surety capacity.  IRM Insurance Knoxville Tennessee differentiate ourselves from other bond agents by providing local service and quick turnaround.  We have the best agency team in place to meet your needs at IRM Insurance Knoxville for Bond Insurance.  Call us today at 865-579-0500 , visit our website – click here or visit one of our locations- 11470 Parkside drive, suite 300, Knoxville, TN 37934 or 1713 commons point drive, bld. 5, suite 201, Knoxville TN 37932 Also, we are endorsed local providers recommended by Dave Ramsey. Find us here

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Boat Insurance in Knoxville has never been easier

Boat Insurance Knoxville

Best Boat Insurance Knoxville with IRM Insurance
IRM insurance Knoxville Tennessee has the best boat insurance Knoxville available.  IRM boat Insurance Knoxville has many different companies. IRM Insurance Knoxville can shop for you the cheapest boat insurance at the lowest possible cost while giving you the very best boat insurance coverage.  IRM Insurance Knoxville Tennessee can give you a free quote on your boat insurance.
IRM boat Insurance Knoxville Tennessee knows how to write boat insurance.  Boat Insurance Knoxville was one of the first types of insurance available and created.  Ancient sailors figured out that they needed some type of coverage and protection for their most valuable asset- A boat – Thus creating boat insurance.
IRM boat Insurance Knoxville knows there are many factors involved in writing your boat insurance.  The type of boat involved, what you are doing with the boat and where you have the boat, how many months of the year the boat is used.
Irm boat insurance Knoxville Tennessee can help you determine the right boat insurance for your needs. There are many coverages in boat insurance.
Physical damage on the boat insurance-  This covers the boat and parts itself in the event of a collision or loss.  Boat Insurance includes the boat motor, hull, contents on the boat, boat trailer.
Liability Insurance on the boat insurance Knoxville policy covers in the event the boat causes injury to others or damage to any other boat, structures, dock, etc.  This can be due to actual direct contact or indirect contact caused by your boat. Boat Insurance includes property damage liability for damage to other boats.  IRM boat Insurance Knoxville Tennessee knows that a great liability policy on boat insurance can provide you protection against a lawsuit and payment of any settlement, or legal fees.
Comprehensive Boat Insurance Knoxville covers you in the event of a covered Peril.  This would include Fire, lightning, Wind along with other perils including if your boat is lost or stolen.
Other coverages include towing coverage and equipment in your boat for boat insurance.  IRM Insurance Knoxville offers many different discounts associated with your boat insurance to make the boat insurance pricing the lowest price in Knoxville Tennessee are.
Irm Insurance Knoxville knows how to provide the cheapest quote for boat insurance.  IRM boat Insurance Knoxville Tennessee also provides the best possible service in the Knoxville Tennessee area including Morristown, Dandridge, Jonesborough, Kingsport, Johnson city, Maryville, Cookeville, Crossville, Knox County, Davidson County, Tazewell Tennessee areas.  Call us today at 865-579-0500 or visit our website – click here –  for a free quote.  IRM Knoxville Tennessee has multiple locations where you can stop by and visit for the cheapest quote anytime.  11470 parkside Drive, Suite 300, Knoxville TN 37934   or 1713 Commons Point Drive Bld5 Suite 201 Knoxville TN 37932.
IRM Insurance Knoxville Tennessee looks forward to helping you with all of your boat insurance Knoxville needs. Happy Boating. Also, we are endorsed local providers recommended by Dave Ramsey. Find us here

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Best Knoxville Restaurant Insurance

Knoxville Restaurant Insurance

IRM Insurance has the Best Knoxville Restaurant Insurance
IRM Insurance has the Best Knoxville Restaurant Insurance Coverage. At IRM insurance, we believe in Knoxville Restaurant Insurance and offer the best coverage at the lowest possible cost.  IRM Insurance has many different specialty programs we offer.  Our Knoxville Restaurant Insurance program is the best in Knoxville, TN. We have several carriers that add many extra coverages into the BOP. A BOP is a business owners policy for restaurants. This would include many different eating & drinking establishments, fast food establishments, banquet halls, delis, pizza parlors, catering.  The Knoxville Restaurant Insurance coverage is tailored to meet your needs which can include

24 hour operations
amusement devices
beer,wine and liquor
bouncers or doorman
happy hour
banquet halls
cyber liability
commercial automobile
hired & non-owned Auto
inland marine
workers comp.

Owning and operating a restaurant requires the best possible insurance for your business. IRM Insurance Knoxville Tennessee has many years of experience writing and underwriting Knoxville Restaurant Insurance policies.  We can guide you to the best coverage with a free quote if you own a fine dining restaurant, fast food restaurant, deli, catering, banquet hall, pizza parlor or any delivery food outlet.  We can protect your refrigerated foods and offer loss of income in the event of a loss.  Our free quote for restaurant business owner’s policy (BOP) can include coverage for your valuables inside the building (business property), your building, your commercial automobiles and your employees for workers compensation.  IRM Insurance Knoxville Tennessee will also provide you a free quote for all your insurance needs.
Our companies that specialize in Knoxville Restaurant Insurance programs are a rated such as Auto Owners, Grange, State Auto, Guard, Hartford and Travelers. Give IRM Insurance Knoxville Tennessee a call for all  your restaurant needs at 865-579-0500 or visit our website at  and we will be happy to walk you through your custom restaurant quote.

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Understanding Knoxville Condo Insurance

condo insurance Knoxville Tennessee

Knoxville Condo insurance is often confusing to many people. Many homeowners fail to realize the need to have a separate condo policy. This is apart from the building insurance coverage often referred to as the master policy. It is important to understand that the master policy only covers the common areas. The building insurance does not cover damage to your individual unit.
The need for condo insurance in Knoxville TN
Interior unit damage

As the owner, you are responsible for your personal unit and fixtures such as appliances, cabinets, and lighting. The kind of HOA master policy coverage you have will determine whether you need a separate policy or not. If the HOA has the “all-in” coverage, then this means that the policy will cover items such as lighting, cabinetry, fixtures, plumbing and wiring in your individual unit. However, if the master policy is a “bare walls” cover, then the owner will need a separate condo insurance policy.Theft of personal belongings
The HOA policy does not offer compensation for personal belongings such as clothing, computers and other personal gadgets. Personal condo insurance in Knoxville TN provides a cover for personal items that are stolen in your home.
Injury of a guest in your house
If a visitor falls or trips inside your unit or in staircases in your unit, the personal condo insurance will cover the medical bills and any other liability costs (up to the limits of the policy). The same applies in the event of a fire in your unit. The insurance for condo owners may also provide coverage for housing expenses.

Factors that may affect Knoxville condo insurance quotes

There are several factors that may affect the premium rates offered by different providers, among them:
• Condo construction materials
• Deductible amount
• The limit on your HOA master policy
• Coverage options
When searching for insurance for condo owners, it is important to remember that there are certain things that are not covered. Condo insurance in Knoxville TN policies will often exclude things like earthquakes, floods, nuclear hazards, intentional hazards, wear and tear and damage from underground sewers. Be sure to discuss the specifics of your policy with one of our team members.
There are many insurance companies out there that offer condo insurance.  To get the best deals in the market, you need to take the time to compare Knoxville condo insurance quotes. For the best possible deal we recommend working with an independent insurance agency like ours.

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Knoxville Auto Insurance Done Right

Knoxville auto insurance quotes

Knoxville Auto insurance
Knoxville Auto insurance coverage is critical for anyone who owns and drives a vehicle, period. That’s reality. Auto insurance can defend drivers from the often stressful legal and financial consequences of accidents of all types. It can often take care of significant vehicle damage costs as well. If a car requires in-depth and costly professional repair work after a serious collision, a strong Knoxville auto insurance plan can be a lifesaver of sorts. The advantages of auto insurance are undeniably abundant.
If you’re currently on the lookout for auto insurance in Knoxville TN, you can relax. We’re a trusted independent insurance firm that can give you access to Knoxville auto insurance that’s the best of the best. Our agency can connect you to numerous prominent insurance providers you can trust. We make a fine option for vehicle owners who like exploring their choices. If you want to invest in Knoxville auto insurance that can help you sleep soundly at night, we can come to your aid. If you want to sign up for auto insurance that’s excellent value for your money, we can help you with that, too.
Knoxville Auto insurance rates are always different. One company may have sky-high rates. Another, however, may have significantly lower ones. Our agency can help you learn about all of the rate options that are available to you at the moment. If you’re busy searching for auto insurance quotes you can rely on 100 percent, we can cater to your wishes fully. Our Knoxville Auto insurance quotes are updated, accurate and dependable. They can help our customers make insurance choices that are educated, informed and sound as well.
When you need A+ Knoxville auto insurance in Tennessee, no local company can help you better than we can right here at IRM Insurance. Our staff members are all insurance specialists who work hard to provide our customers with information they can count on. If you want to learn about the finest auto insurance coverage choices that are in front of you, all you have to do is reach out to our patient, attentive and knowledgeable team. IRM Insurance is a business that has a passion for automotive insurance. We also have a passion for taking great care of our customers.
If you’re searching for Knoxville Auto insurance quotes in Tennessee, you should reach out to our trusted agency as soon as possible. Our contact telephone number is 865-579-0500.

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Why You Need Knoxville Renters Insurance

Knoxville Renters Insurance

Knoxville Renters Insurance
Knoxville Renters Insurance is important to the safety of your belongings. While your landlord insures the apartment or rental home that you live in, your personal belongings are not covered under the landlord’s insurance policy. This means that if there was a fire, a burst pipe or a burglary of your apartment, you would have to replace all of your belongings out-of-pocket. Knoxville renters insurance covers the replacement of your personal items such as clothing, shoes, household items, furniture, and personal items such as toiletries and medication. If you have electronics, a collection of rare books or a closet full of designer clothing, renter’s insurance helps to protect you in an emergency situation.
The Benefits of Working With Our Independent Insurance Agency
When you are searching for an affordable Knoxville renters insurance policy, we are able to search through quotes from dozens of companies. We understand that your time is limited, which is why we offer you a comparison between the different insurance quotes that we have compiled for you. When you work with us, you do not only get one quote from one company. We represent some of the best companies that offer Knoxville renters insurance in Tennessee. Our independent insurance agency compiles quotes from many companies in order to get the best possible deal for you. This allows you to select the renters insurance quotes that provide the coverage you need at a price that you can afford.
How Getting Multiple  Insurance Quotes Saves You Money
Having multiple renters insurance quotes allows you to choose the best deal for your needs. You can compare the different features of the quotes that we provide to you. Some policies may provide you with reimbursement for a hotel stay if your rental unit is uninhabitable due to a fire, water leak or smoke damage. You will also be able to compare between different levels of reimbursement, actual replacement value of your damaged or destroyed goods and different situations that are covered, such as theft. We can help you to find a policy that provides you with peace of mind.
Getting a Knoxville Renters Insurance Quote
Let us help you to find the best Knoxville renters insurance policy for your situation in Tennessee. At IRM Insurance, our goal is to ensure that your belongings and financial future are protected. We invite you to call us at (865) 579-0500 today to get quotes for Knoxville Renters Insurance in Tennessee.

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